Tree Pruning :

Tree pruning a technique widely used across the world to selectively or targeted to  remove the dead, unwanted parts of the tree plant as an aim to mainly improve the quality of the yield. There are many reasons why pruning is necessary, as one of the major mentioned above it is also used to reduce the complexity , improving the future accuracy by removal of the over-fitting. There’s already a mechanism for pruning provided by the nature through wind, snow and salinity that leads to falling of the dead leaves & shrubs, a process known specifically as ‘’abscission.’’

Tree pruning is not a tough job, but it is highly recommended that if you know the basics only than can you do it yourself and maintain the tree-plants, all that is needed is fine knowledge and good equipment with the right techniques. Using a professional tree removal service Melbourne can be a safer way to go than tackling the job yourself.

The three basic reasons to Prune are of course the shape/size , safety & health which obviously means high quality . But with the aim to achieve all these there is a must to be careful regarding the problems that arise with them.

It’s a key-point to not to try and achieve an unnatural or a weird shape of the tree by cutting it down, always try to keep it natural when trimming it and giving it a definite shape and an adequate size. Remember crossing or rubbing branches should always be trimmed away or else they might fall unexpectedly which may lead to injuries to common people.

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Tree-cabling :

 Tree-cabling is a process that is used to maintain the integrity of the tree, because over-extended tree branches can stress the canopies and be a serious threat under conditions where the main limb branches are weak . Under storms,rain and several other conditions which can also favor a new growth, susceptible trees with no cabling can fall over and harm the people and properties.  So, it is suggested that the main branches are well-supported and even if tree pop out of their position to find light for growth , cabling can handle the pressure and keep the people and tree safe.


Stump-removal :

Stump-removal is a process that isn’t considered to be easy, but it is a possible step that can be done if performed with the right techniques. But why do you want to remove a stump? Simple, when there is no tree anymore why would you want a stump to be seen? It can give a not-so-good impression to the viewers. Also , a few hidden by the grass can be hazardous if stepped on by a person casually. You can either remove it manually or get a grinder with a shovel, a mattock and a chain-saw that’s it.


Timber-slabbing :

Timber-slabbing is performed world-wide for the natural timber. This has also led to deforestation which is a major environmental issue across the globe and has become a dilemma because of its adverse impact all over the world. Although it can provide with very useful and high quality natural timber whose demand levels are extremely high!

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